Thursday, September 23, 2010

...The Prada Spring collection

Truly I was not influenced by 14-year-old Tavi... to write this blog entry, but rather I was just on and below the headlines of "the country is going to hell in a handcart" and "Everyone now hates Obama" was the innocuous little headline "Prada Spring Collection." So I decided to see what was going on with those not hurting in this economy, i.e. Miuccia Prada and the people who can (still) afford her overpriced clothes and bags.

What is saw was scarier that that Meg Whitman ad where she says welfare reform will save 1billion dollars to be used for the UCs. We're talking some super ugly clothes kids...

Let's look.

Now before we get into the clothes, let's talk about the models...
ll the models look like the love child of Charlotte Rampling and Walt Disney's rendering of Ichabod Crane...

Now let' s talk about the clothing.

Let's start with our 'foundation' of basic looks. We offer a choice of highway cone, fake xmas tree and hospital janitor.
Notice that despite this being a spring collection (different than resort collection, apparently there are clothes that can ONLY be worn while being in a hotel or on a cruise ship).
But anyway, despite the fact it is spring, most models carry a jacket that is lined with same keepwarm icky polyester fleece that swimmers wear over their wet bodies in between races.

Also the shoes put the C (and the K for that matter) in CLUNKY.

Now let's look at patterns (aka "I'm walkin' in the spider web, so leave a message and I'll call you back)

Yes. Web-like shiny vinyl rococo detailing makes ugly stripes even more unflattering.

And then there's the monkeys...

Oh look 60s Italian shower curtain made into dress, night vision goggles not included....

And then Bananas....arms straight from a polyester leisure shirt...and polyester banana skirt! It's Dollar General couture!

Just when you think it couldn't get any worse...

And a cute little outfit. If I saw this in Benetton for 350 smackers I would love it...But how about 1-2k at the Prada store, not so much....

View the full collection here:


  1. uh. mah. gah. It is as if the woman has given up. Did she and Rem Koolhaas finally break up for good? I picture her rolling around on her back in a hot tub filled with money instead of water, heaving giant sobs and smearing lipstick and mascara everywhere and screaming to her assistant to "TRY HIM AGAIN! I KNOW HE'S THERE GODDAMNIT! I KNOW HE'S THEEEERRRRREEE!"

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