Saturday, April 3, 2010

...The September Issue

Finally watched _The September Issue_ which is kind of like _The Devil Wears Prada_ except Andre Leon Talley is a big black man and not a little Italian Stanley Tucci. Just kidding.

Was struck by how calm it actually is at Vogue Magazine. The "meltdowns" did not seem that bad compared to the ones I viewed as an assistant (a senior agent chasing a junior agent down the halls of William Morris).
Grace Coddington is fabulous. To say how and why she is fabulous is to destroy the best part of the movie.
I didn't find Anna Wintour that toxic, just plastic and a bit sad. When sitting at her country house with her lovely daughter, Bee, she still keeps her sunglasses on. There is a moment where she compares herself to her more intellectually-oriented siblings, and somehow the trite way she sees her own extraordinary accomplishments comes through and it is sad. Even the sunglasses can't cover that.


  1. A guy that lives in our building produced The September Issue and, not to throw a wet rag on your dreams (BUT!), Grace is a bitch. Turns out she was soooo seduced by the camera AND the camera that her typically evil personae was sent on vacation while the camera was filming her. That's why the cameraman is featured in one of the photo spreads in the magazine...Grace was in LUV with him!

  2. You know, I can totally see that. The way she presented herself as so sentimental while working for a magazine that feeds the global luxury is a bit false.