Wednesday, December 23, 2009

...Pasolini's Salo (120 Days of Sodom)

There is no reason to see this movie. Really, others will tell you how it's an engaging message to say to "never again" to the fascism of WW2 in Europe (specifically in Italy) and other things. Here's a tip: watch Fellini's _Amarcord_ watch Malle's _Au Revoir Les Enfants_ watch _The Pianist_ watch I dunno, A MILLION other movies about this topic, but don't watch Salo. I don't advocate censorship. But...really what was the point of this movie?...yes. I've read a bit of the criticism but then I watch this movie (which I was NOT able to get all the way through) and I wonder, Pier Paolo Pasolini, what really were you contributing by making the most disgusting movie ever? Which was an adaptation of Sade's most disgusting book ever. Why? Why? Why? No really, now I know you can't answer this question because you were murdered during the making of this film which was then banned for decades, but really, really what was the point?

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